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The name itself indicates Hyper means more than normal & acidity means increased acid levels. Let’s think about causes of Hyper-acidity. Causes:-  Ayurvedic Sanhitas have crystal clear views about Hyperacidity. It’s causes includes Irregular food Habits  consumption of spicy & junk foods Late night foods & awaking Unnecessary food consumption more than body requirement Uncontrolled  addictions […]

Low Back Pain

SPINE DISORDERS/LOW BACK PAIN are common now a days .So let’s start with its causes, treatments, complications etc….Basically spines are arranged in human body in order to perform various movements easily .But only spines cannot perform all movements without muscular arrangement associated with them. People generally thought that whenever they caught “low back pain”, it is […]

Children’s Diseases

Parenthood is the most memorable, responsible, proud feeling time in everyone’s life. But as good as it is enjoyable it also can be mysterious due to so called normal or severe diseases of our children. Ayurveda Science has its own , one of the section of Pediatric Diseases out of its eight sections. “BAL Chikitsa” […]


Male/Female Infertility- Ayurvedic View A condition in which a couple has problems in conceiving, or getting pregnant, even after one year of regular sexual intercourse without using any birth control measures. It can be divided basically into 1. Male infertility 2. Female Infertility 1) Male Infertility: The following points need to be considered while studying Male Infertility : […]


Piles-Fissure-Fistula Generally every symptom related to an rectal region is considered as Piles by an ordinary people. But medically it may be termed as PILES / FISSURE / FISTULA by its examination & symptoms. Let’s see their particular symptoms. 1)Piles-  This term includes symptoms like Anorectal Inflammation, internal or external growth/polyps, bleeding at defecation, less […]


SKIN DISORDERS/PSORIASIS/ECZEMA Skin Disorders like PSORIASIS/ACNE/ECZEMA/Rash/URTICARIA are common now a days. So let’s start with its causes, treatments, complications etc.. Skin is more important now a days in this glamorous world. So it shall be fair & healthy without any disease that leads to build up Confidence level. Ayurved science had most deep researches/medications/food habbits […]