SPINE DISORDERS/LOW BACK PAIN are common now a days .So let’s start with its causes, treatments, complications etc….Basically spines are arranged in human body in order to perform various movements easily .But only spines cannot perform all movements without muscular arrangement associated with them. People generally thought that whenever they caught “low back pain”, it is due to spine dislocations or disc prolapse or something issue related to bony part. But it is not always like that. According to Ayurveda Hyper-acidity, chronic constipation, Gases, etc causes Muscular spasm which leads to Low Back Pain.

Causes :-

 Causes of   Low Back Pain may differs from age groups also but currently we will see all causes collectively & applicable to all ages through Ayurvedic Aspects.

  1. Hyper-acidity, Gases ,Piles
  2. Chronic Constipation
  3. postural cause e.g. computer operators ,heavy crane drivers, weight bearing workers etc
  4. Irregular Diets with low water intakes
  5. Fermented foods/Dried food/Bread-Toast-Biscuits etc in large & regular consumption
  6. Chilled items regularly like Cold drinks,Frigged water,Ice cubes,Ice creams,Beer etc
  7. Late Night awakening/late night dinners regularly
  8. Air blow of Fan /AC directly on body
  9. lake of exercises/Yoga/Movements etc or over exercises
  10. Caesarean /Full term Normal Delivery not associated with oil massage, hot water bath, Dietary restrictions
  11. Restricting the natural urges like Defecation, Urination, and Gases. .Etc.

These all are main causes looking very simple but can leads to muscular spasm causing low back pain. At this Ayurveda plays very effective role to treat the root cause of the disease & patient can be escaped from further major sufferings of Spine Disorders.

Treatments in Ayurveda:-

Ayurveda has two types of treatments.

Shodhan Chikitsa:- includes Panchakarma treatments like Yog Basti,Tikta Kshir Basti ,Pizinchil,Manya Basti,Kati Basti,Shali Shastik Pinda Swed,Shirodhara Etc. These Yog/Tikta Kshir Basti  treatments includes enema of ayurvedic decoctions,Oil etc which corrects the changes in the  intestinal loops resulting in muscular relaxation & asthipooran in Osteoporosis.

Shaman Chikitsa- includes ayurvedic drugs like Mahavat Vidhwansan Ras, Vishtinduk Vati, Rasnasaptak Kashay,Mouktik Yukta Kamdudha,Praval Panchmrut etc useful for treating Hyperacidity, constipation, Bowel  Regulation & also advised to follow Dietary alterations so as avoid  progress of disease. 

            So Friends, don’t let your spine be in painful condition, before that please follow Ayurvedic Consultations.