Generally every symptom related to an rectal region is considered as Piles by an ordinary people. But medically it may be termed as PILES / FISSURE / FISTULA by its examination & symptoms. Let’s see their particular symptoms.


 This term includes symptoms like Anorectal Inflammation, internal or external growth/polyps, bleeding at defecation, less pain ,less burning, constipation

2)Fissure –

This term includes symptoms like severe pain at defecation, severe burning after defecation, Bleeding mild to moderate. Patient tries to avoid defecation. He cannot sit properly for longer time due to severe burning, itching & pain.

3)Fistula –

It includes one or more a small openings at perianal region with suppuration yellowish drain or bloody drain, redness, mild inflammation,itching ,no burning ,no problem in defecation.


 Its causes includes

  1. Irregular food Habits , Chronic Hyper-acidity.
  2. consumption of spicy & junk foods, chilled items, bread, toast, biscuits, Bhel Pani Puri, dry items, Green Cheely.
  3. Late night foods & awaking
  4. Unnecessary food consumption more than body requirement
  5. Uncontrolled  addictions of Tobacco ,Liqueur ,smoking
  6. Mental stress, over exercise
  7. Chemically generated grains
  8. Long term consumption of Allopathic medicines
  9. Occupational causes like long distance driving, standing positional work, etc.
  10. Less water consumption ,Holding natural urges like urination,defecation etc

Treatments In Ayurveda:-

According to causes of Piles, Fissure & Fistula  & prakruti of patient Ayurveda includes 4 types of treatments namely

Medicines / Kshar / Shastra /Agni

Medicines like Anuloman Tail, Arogyavardhini , Arshoghni Vati ,Aragwadh Kapila Vati , Shankh Vati, Chandraprabha Vati can give very good relief for earlier stages of these diseases along with following Dietary restrictions .

Leech therapy of Panchakarma also may be useful in external or internal Harmorrhoids/Polyps. Anuvasan Basti Of Jatyadi Tail also can be useful in Fissure.

Ksharsutra Therapy of Ayurveda is most timetested treatment for Fistula & external or Internal Haemorrhoids if used under Specialist.

But all over these diseases are mostly due to wrong Food habits ,so it needs total change in food habits unless it needs Surgical intervention .

Surgical intervention can treat the recent symptom like polyp or fissure or fistula but the root of the disease i.e. indigestion may be skipped & patient may face severe illness like Cancer ,Koch’s etc.   

                 So Be Hurry toward Ayurveda before it’s too late to cure Piles, Fissure & Fistula.