Parenthood is the most memorable, responsible, proud feeling time in everyone’s life. But as good as it is enjoyable it also can be mysterious due to so called normal or severe diseases of our children. Ayurveda Science has its own , one of the section of Pediatric Diseases out of its eight sections. “BAL Chikitsa” section of Ayurveda includes details of health of Children from womb up to adulteration.

Let’s discuss the details of Children’s Diseases. This broad term includes many symptoms & diseases like

  1. Asthma
  2. Cough
  3. Allergy
  4. Worm Infestations
  5. Skin diseases
  6. Recurrent Fever /Low immunity
  7. Over weight / Under weight
  8. & more up to severe conditions

Ayurved has divided childhood into 3 sections by means of their capacity of consumption of food namely Ksheerad(up to age of 6 months), ksheerannad(up to age of 12 months ) & Annad (after completion of 1 yr to 16 yrs)

Accordingly these diseases , their causes & their treatments also divided into groups. We shall discuss grossly here as following.


Ayurvedic Sanhitas have crystal clear views about Children’s Diseases. Its causes includes
  1. Irregular food Habits 
  2. consumption of spicy & junk foods, chocolates ,cheese,  Burgers, Pizzas, Milkshakes, Curd, Pickle, Bakery products ,Chinese foods, Ice creams, Milk & fruits combinations Etc.
  3. Late night foods & awaking
  4. Unnecessary food consumption more than body requirement
  5. Long term consumption of Allopathic medicines like Asthalin Sprays , Antibiotics , Anti Histaminic drugs , Anti Pyretic Drugs Etc.
  6. Chemically generated grains
  7. Toxic & fermented Maternal Diet During Ante Netal Care
  8. Cold Drinks, Chilled Water , continuous Air Cooler atmosphere Etc.


These causes leads to recurrent Rhinitis , Dry Or Productive Cough, Difficulty in Breathing, Hoarseness of Voice , Tonsillitis, Low Appetite , Anaemia ,worm Infestation, Fever , Jaundice etc periodically.  

Treatments In Ayurveda:

According to causes of Children’s Diseases  & prakruti of patient Ayurveda includes 2 types of treatments namely

Shodhan Chikitsa:includes panchakarma therupies like WAMAN & VIRECHAN includes various ayurvedic medicines like Suvarna Sut shekhar Ras, Shwas Kuthar Ras, Shitopaladi Churna, Kumar Kalyan Ras ,Arvindasav, Laghu Malini Vasant, Suvarna Malini Vasant etc along with lifestyle modifications & do’s & don’s dietary restrictions .

Unless  taken Ayurvedic treatment Children may need to hospitalized for restlessness of breathing ,less with Oxygen consumption & may follow fetal conditions  

So Be Hurry toward Ayurveda before it’s too late to cure These CHILDREN”S DISEASES.