Male/Female Infertility- Ayurvedic View

A condition in which a couple has problems in conceiving, or getting pregnant, even after one year of regular sexual intercourse without using any birth control measures.

It can be divided basically into 
1. Male infertility 
2. Female Infertility

1) Male Infertility: 
The following points need to be considered while studying Male Infertility :

Volume of semen.
Sperm count – oligospermia, azoospermia, necrospermia.
Motility of sperm.
Structural defects of sperms – Due to vitiated vata dosha.
Any obstruction in genital tract.
Erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Male Infertility :

Bijopatapa (Chromosomal) 
Shukra dosha (Defects of semen/Sperm) 
Klaibya (Impotence)
Ayurveda explains following causes for male infertility :

Ativyavayat – Over indulgence in sexual activity.
Ativyayamat – Over exertion,
Avyayamat – Over relaxation,.
Asatmyanam cha sevanat – Eating over spicy, salted, sour, frozen foods, foods with low nutrition and lack of hygiene; also behavioural habits like sleeping very late at night, hectic lifestyle leads to disparity of Rakta and Pitta Dosha, ultimately causing Shukra kshaya
Akale – It means at inappropriate time; i.e. before desirable age specifically before age of 16 in females and 18 in that of males, or beyond the age of 65-70 where the body faces generalised debility
Ayonau – Indulging into sex in other than natural ways, i.e. Masturbation, oral or anal sex etc.
Maithunam Na Cha Gachataha – Suppression of sexual urge.
Narinam Arasaudnyata – Having intercourse with undesirable partner.
The other essential causes are fear, stress, sorrow, tight clothing, working in hot environment for long duration. Smoking and alcohol consumption significantly affect virility in males.
Trauma to the genital organs, generalised debility, muscle weakness and stress can result in erectile dysfunction.
Suppression of sexual urge, infection in reproductive tract, or any kind of stricture can cause an obstructive pathology.

2) Female Infertility

Causes of Infertility according to Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic Management of Infertility.
Common Ayurvedic Medicinal combination (Infertility mangement).

Defects of the following:

Rutu (Menstrual cycle/Ovulation)
Kshetra (Body, especially female genital organs)
Ambu (Reproductory fluids & hormons etc)
Bija (Ovum)
” …Na hi vatat hrute yonir narinam sam pradushyati || “

– Charak Samhita 
All the casuses of Female infertility in Ayurveda have the basic origin from unbalanced “Vata Dosh”, that is initiated due to spicy food, Chilled Water, Uncontrolled Diet, Bakery Products, Uneven Lifestyle about natural urges like urination/Motion etc. causes disturbances to natural way of “Vata Dosh”, causing pressure upon “Pitta & Kapha Doshas”.It leads to hormonal imbalnce, irregular Menstrual Cycles, Polycystic ovaries etc. which further causes over weight and Female Infertility.

Also mental fatigue, stressful job & excessive body temperature of any female, causes barrier to conceive and diagnosed as Infertile Woman.

              All above ayurvedic parameters are found out by Vaidya’s of SVAC Pvt. Ltd. and treated to change the infertility into Fertile Woman.