The name itself indicates Hyper means more than normal & acidity means increased acid levels. Let’s think about causes of Hyper-acidity.


Ayurvedic Sanhitas have crystal clear views about Hyperacidity. It’s causes includes

  1. Irregular food Habits 
  2. consumption of spicy & junk foods
  3. Late night foods & awaking
  4. Unnecessary food consumption more than body requirement
  5. Uncontrolled  addictions of Tobacco ,Liqueur ,smoking
  6. Mental stress
  7. Chemically generated grains
  8. Long term consumption of Allopathic medicines
  9. Occupational causes like chemical factory workers, Hotel chefs etc.

Treatments In Ayurveda:-

According to causes of Hyper-acidity  & prakruti of patient Ayurveda includes 2 types of treatments namely

Shodhan Chikitsa:includes panchakarma therupies like WAMAN & VIRECHAN

Shaman Chikitsa- includes various ayurvedic medicines like Suvarna Sut shekhar Ras, Mouktik yukta Kamduda, Avipattikar Churna, Kutajadi Parpati Vati,Suvarna Parpati etc along with lifestyle modifications & do’s & don’s dietory restrictions .

Unless & until treatment of Hyper-acidy with Ayurvedic Science, it may leads towards GERD, Constipation, Piles, Fissure, IBS, Liver Disorders ,Diabetes .etc major diseases. 

So Be Hurry toward Ayurveda before it’s too late to cure Hyper-acidity.